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Last portrait of 2011, what a perfect way to end a great year

During November our colleague and good friend Andy Scott called me to ask to Schedule a portrait shoot for him and his Partner Emma,  This was special for 3 very good reasons, the first is that Andy lives 5 hours away and knows lots of other photographers local to him, the second is  he himself is an amazing photographer,  yes you can probably remember this is my second time in December that we have shot another tog and its pretty awesome to say the least, and the third and most important is that Andy is a Captain in the TA’s and is a medic and next week he is off to Afghanistan to serve for 4 months.

We had a great afternoon with Andy and Emma and in fact went to our local Chilworth Arms for dinner,  We loved meeting Emma and seeing Andy again.

Sue and I would like to wish Andy all the very best for his trip to Afghanistan and like all of our forces no matter where you are we would like to thank you for your service.

Sue and I would like to extend our discounts to anyone serving in the Army, Navy, or Air Force as a way of saying a small thank you. Please contact us for details.



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New year special offers from Julian Porter Photography

Hello everyone,

For 2012 Sue and I have decided to start a monthly email newsletter,  it will be short and interesting ( well as interesting as I ever am) hehe and most importantly its the only place that we will be notifying you of our special offers, special wedding offers as well as everything else we do.

So Sign up today and you will receive one email a month with the special offers starting on or around January 9th

Sue and I hope that you had an amazing Christmas and that New year is just as great, We spent Christmas at home with the kids and plan to spend New Year with our mates.

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Weddings of 2011 with Jules and Sue

Its come to that time of year when we reflect on our years weddings and look forward to another amazing year of weddings in 2012,  this year we photographed 31 weddings which was 1 over our target of 30,  in previous years we have had a target of 40 but this year we decided to cut it down to 30 weddings to give us a little more time together with the family which is so important, we only went over by 1 to accommodate one of our lovely bridesmaids from a previous wedding.

We love our weddings and hope that shown in our photos, we would love you to leave us a message at the end of this blog post to let us know your favourite photo, I am sure the couples will appreciate that as will Sue and I, during 2012 we will be running a monthly ‘COMMENT CONTEST” and the best comment every month will receive a prize so get commenting folks 🙂

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These photos are in no particular order, This first couple are the lovely Joe and Abbie who got married at Minley Manor on an amazing day, we had a lot of fun and have really enjoyed getting to know them, as with all our Military weddings it was a great day, highlighted by the most amazing firework display in the evening and the fact that it was our longest wedding ever.

This next photo was taken at Lainston House in Winchester which is very local to us, Adam and Mandy got married on our wedding anniversary 3rd September and as a treat they gave us dinner in a very romantic room 🙂 unfortunatly we had the grumpy bloody videographer there too hahaha.  We had a great day with lots of sunshine tho and it was a fab way to celebrate our anniversary.

This wedding with Jeremy and Sarah was at the amazing Elvetham in Hartley Whitney,  it was a last minute booking for us but none the less amazing, great location with real fun people and wonderful weather and lots and lots of champagne.

Caroline and Will got married on there own trout fishery in the Meon’s  we met them a few years earlier when they won a voucher and we took photos of them and there dog Basil, the wedding day was amazing as was the weather, great ride back to the fishery for all the bridesmaids in Will’s tractor, so much fun its hard to fit it all into a couple of lines.

This next couple are David and Sarah who got married at Sarah’s parents house in Milton Keynes, David is a pilot and they have moved to Dubai for his work, I am sure they are in for a wonderful life together and we would like to wish them the best for there very exciting future over there.

Our next couple is Major Simon and Ebba 🙂  These 2 live all over the world  and found us online, we got to know Ebba via email and built up a lovely friendship, it was like photographing an old friends wedding at the amazing Brompton Barracks in Kent again the day flowed like a dream.

This next lovely couple are Adrian and Sarah, they got married at Burcombe manor on what can only be described as a pink wedding day 🙂  Sarah loves pink and I must say it was done very well indeed, another amazing couple, we stopped in a field on route to get this photo that Sue took before heading off to Burcombe, we had lots of rain but that never stopped the fun.

Tom and Laura 🙂  wow what a day, they got married in Salisbury and there reception was at our local and very popular Rhinefield House in the new forest which was a bit of a trek but well worth it,  we had a wonderful day and so much fun with these 2 and there families.

This next wedding was at Northbrook Park in Farnham which again has become very popular with us, Andy and Issy’s wedding was a lovely day, filled with amazing details and great people, our great friend Chef Gary cooked there wedding food and you all know how I feel about his cooking.

Jan and Angela got married at the beautiful Parley Manor on a lovely wednesday, such a lovely day and a fun couple who really knew what they wanted, lots of amazing details and the amazing singing waiters too. We just delivered there album in fact last week and it was our largest yet 50 amazing pages 🙂

Jodie and Alex were married in Gaynes park in Essex, if you look at there blog post here I think you will agree that its the most amazing wedidng venue.

Patrick and Laura were married at the Barn at Bentley which is a lovely venue, great couple and wonderful guests made this a very memorable wedding for us, we always enjoy barn weddings and they dont come much better than this one.

Helen and Keith were married at Audleys Wood in basingstoke on a chilly but sunny day in November, beautiful wedding and couple, Keith is a submariner so we had a lot of fun including a sword fight 🙂 now you don’t get one of those at every wedding.  use the search button below to find there blog post.

This next wedding was actually our last of 2011 with peter and Anabell and it was at the Clock Barn which again is a barn venue,  Lovely people made this day, I am not a huge fan of the staff at the Clock barn but that does not stop us getting amazing breathtaking photos, its all about the couple and there guests.

Richard and Adele were married at the Bartley lodge hotel in the new forest and had the most amazing wedding, we really enjoyed getting to know these 2 and I think it shows in there photos,  Such a lovely close family and I am very pleased to say that we keep in touch often through Facebook as we do with lots of our couples.

Ben and Jo were married at the delighful Careys Manor which is another favourite new forest venue for us,  We took Matt, another photographer along with us who also got some great images, we occasionally do this if we have larger weddings or in this case time restraints,  another lovely wedding and worth seaching here for.

Ben and Perry were married at there local church in Landford and then the reception back at Bens parents house which is a stud at landlord, amazing weather and day with lots of great music.

Medhi and Carol got married at al Elmers Court in the new forest,  the day will forever stick in my mind, Medhi was from France and Carol from Zimbadwe so we had lots of language issues to deal with but a whole lot of fun as well.

Simon and Alia had a wonderful wedding up at Northbrook Park in Farnham and it was an amazing day filled with all sorts,  we had 3 ceremonies lots of music and dancing and a whole lot of amazing people, such a great day finishing with a traditional Jewish chair dance, so much fun.

Stuart and Sarah’s day was a wonderful day, set at Rhinefield House in the new forest and it was a lovely day, we had the most amazing time with some great portraits and a whole lot of fun.

Dan and Laura will always hold a special place in my Heart,  we knew Laura before she met Dan so we were so excited when they announced there engagement, of course we were so happy to shoot there wedding which tok place at the ford social club.

This next wedding was another Careys Manor wedding, David and Claire are from Dubai  so all arrangements were made via email and although it was a shorter wedding for us we had a great day and it turned out to be a highlight wedding for us, such an amazing couple with so much love to share.

This next wedding was at the Di Vin in Winchester with Kevin and Ellen back in February, it was a great day with lots of our clients there including Matt and KJ from 2006 so it was like a bog family wedding for us.  lots of fun and some amazing donuts !  need I say more 🙂

James and Kelly were married at Richmond Park in London in Pembrooke lodge and it was a wonderful day, we had a surprise when Peter Crouch walked by so with James being such a footie fan I asked Peter if he would mind a photo, of course he was happy to, in fact it was the day that Peter announced his engagement, perfect timing or what !

Clint and Charlotte  live in Australia but we met them a few years ago when Charlotte was a bridesmaid at another wedding,  we kept in touch via Facebook and email and when they decided to get married we were there 🙂  they got married at East Horton  golf club which Charlottes family own, another great wedding.

Peter and Karen live in Canada and got married at Cain Manor in Surrey on the most amazing Autumnal day, it was very cold but the light was amazing as you can see with Sue’s shot below.  another fun filled cain manor wedding.

Kim and Stewart were married at Pitt hall Barn,  an odd venue actually on a working farm and in my opinion better suited to a much smaller wedding but none the less it was a nice day, the ceremony took place in a church in Whitchurch and then its a fair drive to pitt barn but a lovely couple and great wedding guests.

Rich and Nikki got married at the lovely Tythe Barn in Petersfied,  it was a great wedding, lots of fun and unexpected sunshine 🙂  Sue and I had worked with Nikki who was a model lots of times so this truly was a very special day for us.

Steve and Natalie got married at Rivervale Barn in Yately which is a sensational barn and a lovely place to get married, it makes for a perfect reception venue too, lovely grounds and amazing views. This was a great wedding for us with lots of friends and one that we will never forget.

Andy and Katy found us online for their Avington Park wedding, it was a lovely day filled with sunshine and amazing weather, we had lots of fun first at St Peters church in Winchester and then Avington.

Peter and Anna met us at 2 friends weddings over the past few years so it was a sure bet that we would join then at theirs 🙂  we had the most amazing day at the church and then Gatestreet Barn where the sun shone continually.  Lovely people and great day.

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We hope that you enjoyed looking over our 2011 weddings as much as we enjoyed shooting them, and hope that you will leave a message below for us, maybe let us know your favourite photo here or just to say hi if you met us at a wedding this year,  don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter here and also to check our our dedicated venue website here.

We had a great year, what do you think ?





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A very merry Christmas from all of us at Julian Porter Photography.

Well as another year draws to an end Sue and I once again reflect on the past 12 months and what it has brought to Julian Porter Photography.   Well after a pretty crappy end to 2010 after loosing my Dad, 2011 started off just perfectly,  we were only a few weeks in and fully booked with weddings, we decided that during 2011 we wanted more family time so for the first time ever we restricted our weddings to 30 which was a great decision, well in fact we ended up doing 31  so went slightly over 🙂

Our family time has been amazing, we have had so much fun this year, we met up with our old friends Mark and Cindy and thats been fab, we have had our date night most weeks 🙂 and continued with some major building work in our home and garden, on a down side during June  I was diagnosed with Diabetes which was devastating news but thankfully after Sue put me on a great diet and change of lifestyle I am no longer diabetic, I actually lost over 79lb and I feel amazing, I still workout for an hour each day but we now have a great Gym here so I am doing all sorts now, I feel so much better and its given me a new found energy which of course helps with work and running around at weddings, well enough about that so onto more news.

We have had an amazing year works wise too, we have shot 31 great weddings, the last one being the 10th December, in fact they were better than great they were amazing, we chose very well 🙂  We also booked very well for next year so we are very happy.  Our workshops have been very popular and we have been very fortunate again this year, we setup a new website www.jpworkshops.com and its proved to be very popular.  Our pinups have done ok, not as popular as we had expected but they are ticking over so we are happy with that, On the other hand our Boudoir’s have been amazing again and we have shot 58 this year so very happy there, EcoleBoudoir remains very strong and still very enjoyable, we have also had an amazing year shooting portraits here in Southampton, Lastly we have added some great new Corporate clients which has been fun too.

We have a little editing to catch up on and a shoot for another photographer on the 28th and then a couple of weeks off  to relax and chill out before it all starts again in 2012.

We have some very exciting plans for 2012 including new wedding pricing released here this week, our most popular package is still “The Disk” with remains fantastic value at just £1690.00 inclusive.

The most exciting thing for 2012, and its something we have been meaning to do for a few years is the launch of our new Newsletter which will launch on January 9th 2012 so please take a moment to sign up now, we will only send one once a month at most and you will receive news, tips and special offers that are available nowhere else. We have been able to achieve this thanks to one of our amazing friends (and Client) Liz Mortimer who owns and runs the amazing Creative Worx  so to my tog friends, if your looking for branding or a website or any marketing buzz her a message and you won’t be disappointed.

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So, to end Sue and I would like to wish you all the most amazing christmas and a superb new year, please leave us your thoughts below and please remember to subscribe to our newsletter above so that we can remain in contact with you all, our amazing friends 🙂

Thank you x





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Christmas portraits

Sue and I were lucky enoughto photograph Justin and Liz’s wedding back in 2006 and became great friends almost straight away, since then they have had 2 wonderful children Josh and Chloe who we get to see a couple of times a year and its always fun,

Liz is an amazing photographer herself so I am always chuffed when photographers choose us, she is also a great designer and owns Creative Worz  check it out, she does some amazing work

yesterday they came round for a few portraits and here is a selection,


To see Photos from recent weddings click here

See more amazing photography from an Awesome photographer now or Contact Jules and Sue now to secure your date!

Please read this  15 reasons why you should book us to photograph your wedding

83,104,97,114,101,32,116,104,105,115,32,112,111,115,116,58:tsop siht erahS