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Katie and Charlie have the most amazing day @ The Master Builders Bucklers Hard

Last weekend we joined Charlie and Katie for their beautiful spring wedding at the Master Builders in Bucklers Hard Beaulieu which is nestled just inside the amazing New Forest running alongside the Beaulieu river which is just the perfect spot for a spring wedding and thankfully we had the most amazing weather too.  We met Katie and Charlie through our clients and good friends Ellie, Hannah and Matt, we did Hannah and Matt’s wedding last year and have worked lots of times with Ellie.


We started our day at the Master Builders with the girls for preps and it really was a lot of fun. Right from the start we knew it was going to be a fun day because the girls were all on that amazing “wedding high” which of course was helped by the copies amounts of sunshine streaming through the windows of the room. It was  a lovely room to photograph in and lots of space despite all the girls getting ready at one with both hair and makeup artists too, We already know most of them from past weddings so it made for a great fun hour,  As always we took lots of beautiful detail shots which to be honest helps Sue and I get creative on our wedding mornings and of course they make the most amazing photographs too. We then headed off for a few details and eventually came back to photograph Katie stepping into her gorgeous wedding dress and  then a few photos with her and Mum before we headed off to the beautiful church in Exbury which was only a 5 minute drive away.

Once we arrived and found a parking spot in the quiet lane we went in and said hello to the vicar who again we knew very well from his weddings at Beaulieu Abbey and Sue settled in with her equipment for the service and then we were ready to meet the boys.  Once the boys arrived we cracked on with a few photos of the guys as well as the rings and guests mingling and of course the guests arriving on the double decker London bus and then we waited for the beautiful bride to arrive in her vintage Rolls Royce and as they drove by she gave me the most amazing smile which just made my day and made for a beautiful photograph, One of this things I love about wedding photography is being 100% poised 100% of the time for photo opportunities  just like this 🙂 and they are so worth it.

We took this quiet opportunity to grab a few shots of Katie and Dad inside the car then a few more posed outside the car and then a few shots with the beautiful bridesmaids,  I always think this 2 or 3 minutes helps the bride settle rather than arriving and running into a church full of eager wedding guests.  After a couple of minutes I headed into the church and found my spot at the back for the ceremony,  Some vicars let us shoot from the front and the back which is perfect and some just from the back like this one which again is ok, sadly some don’t let us take any so we were happy 🙂

Katie walked in to a silenced church alongside her Dad and followed by her bridesmaids and she looked  absolutely stunning as she made her way down the isle towards a nervous Charlie.

The ceremony was lovely and everyone seemed to join the choir singing, its almost as if somebody had flicked a switch and “spring had arrived” not only with the glorious weather but with peoples smiles and general attitudes it was awesome to watch and be a part of.

After a couple of readings and the signing we headed off outside into the sunshine for a few hugs and kisses then the family groups which were perfectly suited to the churchyard in Exbury so shortly after that Katie asked Sue and I to head back to the Master Builders to capture the Guests arriving on the double decker bus which we did.  We then had a few shots by the bus with Katie and Charlie and their doggie who someone had kindly brought along to the wedding and then we headed back up the footpath to Bucklers hard.

We then took some lovely fun shots with Katie and Charlie as well as all the bridesmaids and chaps and a few balloons 🙂  it was windy but sunny so we all enjoyed the time by the water especially the flower girl and pageboys who had the best time.  The guests we all being well looked after back in the Master Builders so everyone was happy.

Sue and I then took a few of the important people for photos and then we were all called into dinner which was served by a series of guest “chefs” such a great idea to add a little fun to the wedding breakfast.

After the food we moved onto speeches and after the normal 3 very entertaining speeches it was lovely to see Katie get up for a speech of her own which was quite moving and brought the official proceedings to a close perfectly.  It was at this point that Katie reminded me that we had not done a confetti shot (because she had asked us to leave the church early) so we got everyone together and whisked them outside, it was very dark and getting chilly but it honestly made for some fun confetti shots and they came out just fab too.

We then headed inside again and Sue and I took a few shots of bridesmaids with partners before being called in to cut the cake, well photograph it 🙂  and then it was straight into the dancing which was a lot of fun too.

Sue and I then said our goodbye’s before heading home exhausted after a fantastic spring wedding day with 2 awesome people and wonderful super friendly wedding guests.

Sue and I limit ourselves to just 20 weddings each year and we still have a couple of spaces left for 2014 and are half way booked for 2015 so if your interested in us joining you for your day then please get in touch. Please feel free to contact us here 02380 767084   julianporter@mac.com    or txt  07720325336

I hope you enjoy these photos from Charlie and Katie’s beautiful spring wedding.

Jules and Sue X





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