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One-2-One workshop at marwell with pat

Earlier this week we ran one of our One-2-One workshops up at Marwell for Pat who had recently purchased her first proper camera and also has a very special birthed coming up so hear lovely family purchased her one of our workshop days.  We know Pat’s daughter Anna so it was all very lovely when we met Pat.  We started our day at the studio going over camera settings which is an important part of the day because it means when we got to Marwell with Pat we were able to get straight into the photography well after a spot of lunch of course 🙂

Once we arrived we had lunch in the Graze cafe and then headed off in the opposite direction around the park which we always do because we start our photography with the Owl’s who are quite difficult to photograph because they are in very dark cages and we have to make the wire disappear and we are shooting into the light but all great challenges after the mornings talks.  We then follow the park round and photograph whatever animals are about, thankfully there were lots today.

Pat took some lovely photos with her Canon Rebel and 70-300 is lens and we all had a lovely day.

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