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National 100k and 50k Championships for tzruns

As most of you know I am a runner and Sue has also started running and one of the people that we met through our running was Ian Berry from tzruns.com who are well known for there amazing races the most famous being the Kent Roadrunner which takes place the last weekend in May each year and I am fortunate enough to have one of the very limited places available this year. I spoke to Ian recently because he was hosting the amazing National 100k and 50k races down at the Cyclopark in Kent the same venue as the Kent Road Runner Marathon and he said he was looking for volunteers for the day and he asked Sue and I if we could photograph the event and of course we agreed, I mean how could we refuse to photograph the UK’s finest runners at this superb venue for such an awesome client, so that was it we were now photographing the Nationals for the awesome tzruns.

We started our day at 6am simply because the races start at 8am and we wanted to get everything sorted before the teams arrived to setup. Once we were ready they teams and individual runners started arriving and we started shooting team photos just before the 100k race got underway.  Once the 100k race started we used our car as a pace/photo car and we got some amazing photos from the car of the first lap from very close distance. We then chose several spots for the next few hours to pick off some great photos. At 11am the 50k race started and although we could not use the car because the runners shared the track we did cover the start which again was fun before resuming our position out on the track. It was nothing short of awesome watching these runners from the likes of Steve Way who runs for England and was hoping for a record right through to the runners who took the full 12 hours to get around the 48 laps every single one of them was awesome.   The runners all did so well and records galore were broken, I will let you read all about that over at the tzruns website and the nationals website but I am pleased and very proud to say that My Steve Way won the race as well as an awesome british record too.

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