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Getting to know your camera workshop with Bogumila


Last week we had a call from a chap who turned out to be Bogumila’s boss from the local Sprinkles Gelato asking to book her a workshop with us as a thank you for all her hard work.  We had Yesterday free so it was booked in and Bogumiła turned up with her Canon 60d and a full range of lenses ready for a day of fun at Marwell Zoo.

We started our day at the studio going over basic camera settings and helping Bogumila set up her camera, fun for me coz it was all in Polish but we managed 🙂  Bogumila’s  english was amazing so we had no problem communicating at all which is especially impressive with camera talk.  After an hour or so we headed off to marwell and had a wonderful few hours wandering around taking some great photos starting as always with the owls and moving anti clockwise around the park.  Unfortunately the snow leopards were with the Vet and the tiger was asleep in the sun but Bogumila did get some awesome photos including the best giraffe shots in a while.

We spent the day explaining and demonstrating how to shoot through thick glass and cages without distracting from the photo in AV mode as well as us using the TV or S mode to control the cameras shutter speed with both the waterfall and the cars on the motorway.

Bogumila was a great student and such a lovely person to spend the day with and we hope to see her again soon for another workshop.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV mode very well.

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Photography workshop by Julian Porter_001Photography workshop by Julian Porter_002Photography workshop by Julian Porter_003Photography workshop by Julian Porter_004Photography workshop by Julian Porter_005Photography workshop by Julian Porter_006Photography workshop by Julian Porter_009Photography workshop by Julian Porter_012Photography workshop by Julian Porter_013Photography workshop by Julian Porter_014Photography workshop by Julian Porter_015Photography workshop by Julian Porter_016Photography workshop by Julian Porter_017Photography workshop by Julian Porter_018Photography workshop by Julian Porter_019Photography workshop by Julian Porter_021Photography workshop by Julian Porter_022Photography workshop by Julian Porter_022aPhotography workshop by Julian Porter_023Photography workshop by Julian Porter_024Photography workshop by Julian Porter_025

These next few are shot in TV or S mode using shutter priority meaning we control the cameras shutter speed, the first one showing how Bogumila slowed down the speed to capture the small waterfall beautifully (through thick glass as well) and the rest are to show how to capture high speed whilst retaining movement and interest in the photograph and its subject.

Photography workshop by Julian Porter_026Photography workshop by Julian Porter_027Photography workshop by Julian Porter_028

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