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Ben, his bridge camera and Marwell = a real fun day

On Tuesday we ran one of our very popular “getting to know your camera” workshops for one of our 2015 grooms Ben. When we booked Ben and Fiona’s wedding for next June Fiona asked about a workshop voucher for Ben’s 30th birthday present which was this week.

Ben has a Sony HX200V bridge camera and plans to honeymoon on Safari so a getting to know your camera workshop was the perfect start.  We started our day in the studio in classroom mode explaining the various settings in the camera and the science behind photography. The main aim with this workshop is to get our client to take control of his or her camera, easier said than done when most people out there use one of the many pre-set program modes and we teach our clients to use only the 3 creative modes, A, S (or T) and M which brings a whole new world of options including depth of field and selective focus which are 2 of the most important things.

As I am sure you will see the photos Ben took today show off the advanced features of the camera well, we taught him how to shoot using depth of field to avoid things in the photograph that you dont want like wire cages.  We also used S or TV mode to capture the moving subjects which although is tricky to start with, once you get the hand of panning its quite simple, Ben picked it up really well using some very fast moving cars.  Depending on the camera We use a variety of different focus modes too.  Auto focus modes can vary between different digital camera brands. Nikon and Canon’s two most popular modes are called AF-C (short for auto focus continuous) and AF-S (short for auto focus single). Many models also have AF-Aand MF (manual focus) modes to choose from as well although I prefer the first AF-C and AF-S.   

AF-C is good use when photographing moving objects. When your camera is set to AF-C and you focus on a moving subject,  the focus will stay on the subject so long as your shutter button is held half way down. In other words, the camera will keep re-focusing as the subject moves. That is, so long as you keep your shutter button held half way down.

AF-S  is good for photographing subjects that don’t move, such as flowers or portraits etc. It locks the focus on the non moving object that you want to photograph.

Once at Marwell we walked around a couple times taking photos of all the animals that would play ball 🙂  the big cats were shy today but we had plenty of fun to be had so no complaints.

I am amazed at some of Ben’s photos especially bearing in mind he does not have a DSLR rather a bridge camera but it just goes to prove that all cameras work in the same way, of course lots of cameras and lenses have limitations but its all about working around those limitations to get the best we can from our cameras and thats just what Ben did.

I cant wait for Ben and Fiona’s wedding day and especially the honeymoon photos 🙂

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop the first couple are mine and the rest are Ben’s, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV and S mode very well and also the various focus and metering modes all of which are interesting to learn about and will take your photography to a new level.

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We finished off with a few using Shutter priority to demonstrate panning at speed.

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