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Phil and Claire’s wedding, over the sea and far far away

In January We received an email from Claire asking availability for her wedding to Phil in July, thankfully we were available so we started chatting,  It turns out that Phil and Claire were getting married in Alderney one of the channel islands so our excitement grew…..

After a few emails the contract was signed 🙂 we were all set to head off to Alderney, I cancelled my Adidas Thunder Run 24hr place and started to look forward to our first wedding in Alderney, who wants to run for 24 hours in mud anyway 😉

A few weeks ago we got to meet Phil and Claire, Phil is a Policeman and Claire a Teacher and after just a few short minutes it was obvious we had all made the right choice and hit it off, Sue and I rarely take “telephone or internet” bookings simply because we only book a limited amount of weddings and to be frank we can afford to pick and choose our wedding clients but Phil and Claire sounded so much fun that I could not refuse.

Well the week had arrived and on Friday we headed off to Southampton Airport to join our flight that Phil and Claire had booked for us, they were so great and actually booked our flights from Friday through Monday so we had time to relax and enjoy the beautiful island of Alderney.  The flight was, well different haha but along with the other 13 passengers we landed in the metropolis that is Alderney Airport and collected our luggage, Phil and Claire had also arranged a taxi for us so we were whisked off to our hotel the Harbour Lights which as it happens was a great choice 🙂  so far so good !  We settled in and unpacked and went for an explore and eventually a few beers and dinner and although Phil and Claire were going to contact us for an e-shoot they were so chilled they forgot until 8:45 when it was a little too late.

Saturday morning we woke and after the mandatory wedding day java we headed off to a walk along the beach for a few photos on the Braye hotel which was our wedding venue before it got too busy, then back to our hotel for a full english and then another walk this time along the harbour wall before herding back for a shower and change and to get into “wedding mode”

We arrived at the hotel about 12 noon and immediately noticed just how relaxed the whole feel was, Claire’s Dad showed us up to the room and Claire invited us in and she already looked the spectacular bride,  she was not made up, not had her hair done and SOOOOOOO not dressed 🙂 but she looked amazing, the biggest smile you could possibly wish to see when entering a room and I can honestly say this smile never left her all day.  We had a couple of hours so we drifted (do you like the beach themes so far) between Claire and the guests and even Phil before it was time for the ceremony.   Just before 2pm Sue and I headed down to the ceremony room to meet the registrar, OMG they are so different than ours, so chilled, Island life is good.  After a wonderful ceremony we headed outside for drinks and canapés and a few relaxed hugs and kisses before we took the bridesmaids off for some fun around the coastal town centre.

After the bridesmaids we photographed the guys and the parents and then headed back to Phil and Claire ad then onto the beach where the fun really started. At first things were quite subdued starting with a few semi formal family groups, I say semi formal because orders were, shades on or off its your call, drinks or not its your call, shoes or not its your call 🙂 after a few groups we had a fab “everybody shoot”and then I took the girls into the sea for a few photos 🙂  we had a proper laugh and the boys soon realised they had to join us if they wanted in on it, Eventually the whole bridal party including both the tiny page boys were in the sea, most people up to their ankles. me of course up to my knees and beyond haha but I seriously don’t care. If my couples are up for fun then so am I and quite simply the more effort we put in the better the day is !

We then took Phil and Claire off to the harbour for a few shots and then back to the hotel for some relaxed shots and then into dinner.  This is where we finished but Phil and Claire had once again gone above and beyond and organised the most amazing meal for us both which was just a perfect way to finish the wedding apart from a walk along the beach to get the awesome sunset you see below 🙂 which I thought was a perfect way to close the album.

Today was just awesome, we arrived to a beautiful bride (and no Claire I DON’T have to say that)  Fresh sandwiches and drinks and a whole room full of industrious and very friendly people which just proved to us how wonderful Phil and Claire were. We were looked after from start to finish, not only did Phil and Claire organise our flight etc but they also had a taxi waiting for us 🙂  If i ever feel under-appreciated I will just have to think back to Phil and Claire’s wonderful Alderney beach wedding day and all will be right in the world.

Thanks guys X

Its been an awesome wedding weekend and a wonderful few days chilling afterwards and Phil and Claire we would like to thank you for being so much fun from start to finish.  Its been nothing short of awesome.  We met some wonderful people on Alderney, from the Mum and daughter on the beach during the wedding who could not do more for us through to Mark and Simon back at the Harbour Lights who gave us so much advice and everyone in-between. Thanks guys you made it real 😉

Here are a few photos from this wonderful wedding I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do and look forward to your comments and seeing you again soon,

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First a few of my favs then a slideshow of this beautiful Alderney wedding.


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