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Zachary’s amazing journey

A year ago we were contacted by Caroline and Bernard about their little lad Zachary who was then a couple weeks old. They were referred to us by our wedding clients Kate and Doug. Caroline explained that Zachary had a fairly normal birth but soon after things went drastically wrong.  Sue and I were moved and offered a free portrait shoot for them to cherish, hoping that they would also have Zachary to cherish but back then it was not looking hopefully.

This morning I asked Caroline for her thoughts and story for this blog post, Instead of me writing my events I will copy Caroline and Bernard’s words below:

“Zachary was born on 21/03/16 and we had no idea there was going to be anything wrong, all scans had been clear. At 1 day old they noticed a heart murmur but said loads of babies have them. Then he stopped feeding properly and was breathing far too fast. They did a scan and told us he had aortic stenosis and a unicuspid valve. This causes the blood flow to be restricted around his body. He also had a hole in his atrium and his ventricle. At that point they said they hoped the holes may heal themselves and the stenosis was mild. Three weeks later they scanned him again and the holes had reduced but this revealed the stenosis was extremely severe. They told us then they would need to do open heart surgery asap.

They did the surgery when he was 12 weeks old. Ocean award at SGH and PICU both deserve a mention for being amazing! He is now just 13 months (yesterday) he has his next cardiac review at the beginning of May but we have had 6 months of freedom as last review was very positive. After previous op they gave us a window of 2 weeks to 2 years before he will need next surgery. That will be an even bigger op which is terrifying. It will call for them to swap his aortic valve for his pulmonary valve and replace that with a donor valve.

You deserve a mention. Our wonderful families, his Godparents Sophie, Marika, Jane, Mark and Rob and my midwife Katherine who has become a brilliant friend and been incredibly supportive. This has shown us who our real friends our, taught us how to make the most of every day with our amazing baby boy and introduced us to wonderful people like you and Sue! X”

On Friday we did a follow up shoot. OMG what a difference, Zachary is a wonderful energetic little boy who is just full of life.

If you ever feel down, read Caroline’s words above and remember there is always hope.

Its been an absolute honour for Sue and I to meet, photograph and get to know this amazing family. #friends

Jules x

Here are a few photos……. The first 3 from last year, the rest I am UBER PLEASED to say from this week 🙂



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