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I also run a cycling club……

A couple of years ago at a beautiful wedding in Surrey, I got talking to the vicar about life in general and he asked me what I liked to do, I answered, Well I love to take photos, I’m really lucky with my job. His reply gobsmacked me. “I Love God, But I need a break now and then” haha so with that in mind I thought I would tell all my lovely clients about my little break from my love of Photography.

I Cycle 🙂   ok maybe a little more than that, I have been cycling almost 3 years after running injuries and I cycle around 12,000 miles a year so “I Cycle” quite a lot 🚴🏻

This year I started my only cycling club, there are plenty of clubs already but most I have found to be, well, less than welcoming, Probably not intentionally but there you go. I wanted a club for everyone, I don’t care where you live, where you come from, how fast you are, what bike you ride. As long as you enjoy cycling, chatting, coffee and cake then you will fit right in at Julian Porter Cycling Club.

We cycle as a club at least 3 times a week, Guaranteed Monday and Wednesday nights and Sunday Mornings. I have 2 groups determined by pace so that everyone is catered for. I have an amazing Lead rider George who looks after the newer cyclists and like me, he is very passionate about getting people cycling.  Mondays and Wednesdays we meet at Eling Tide Mill where there is a car park and then we cycle through the New Forest towards Beaulieu and either Lepe or Lymington anything between 20 and 40 miles depending on route and group. On Sundays, we go a little further again depending on the group but between 20 and 60 miles. All of our rides are guaranteed No Drop meaning even after a mechanical you will not be left alone.

We also do days out, Next month we are cycling to sandbanks for lunch and then another ride will be to the IOW for lunch, both will be a great fun day at a social pace to suit everyone.

So there you have it, my other passion 🙂

If you’re interested in cycling for fun or fitness, cake or racing then please check our club out and join our 53 members.

Happy snapping and safe cycling my friends

Jules x





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