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Please tell us what you think and help us.

Sue and I have been busy and popular photographers for a lot of years and the one thing that has made that possible is our lovely clients. We get between 60% and 75% of our work from recommendations and we are so grateful, Thank you.

Recently we have noticed things dropping off for us and we are not getting that extra 25/35% quite so easily so we have decided to shake thinks up a little  After a meeting with a new web development company we realised we were severely lacking in google reviews, we do very well on Facebook but seriously lacking google.

So this little message is to ask our past and present clients for a google review. Its a 1 minute job if you already have a google account and only 2 or 3 minutes if you open a new one (you don’t need a new email just your existing one)  You can then click on the 5 stars (hopefully) and leave a short or long review, this will help us enormously and hopefully help fill the missing link towards new clients.

As a thank you, at the end of the month we will do a little prize draw for a bottle of bubbly

Thank you all for your constant support and in advance for doing this little thing for us.

Thanks. Jules and Sue ❤️


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