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The art of moments

Moments are an art, not a science. There’s no technical precision behind a moment. They’re beautiful happenstances of light and movement and observation: a tangle of hair in the late-afternoon sun; children laughing on an English lawn; an ivory dress in a marble hall. Yes, moments are romantic. Yet, as the shutter falls, romantic observation is etched forever in digital format. That’s Julian Porter Photography – a perfect marriage of the romantic and the technical.
Julian and Sue Porter LMPA  would rather capture a moment than create it. Julian pulls apart computers for fun. He loves the beauty and the joy of weddings. Yet Julian’s as happy in his digital editing suite as he is capturing the play of light around the smiling face of a beautiful bridesmaid.

Julian and Sue will arrive far too early for your wedding. They’ll work with meticulous attention to detail. Julian will have two cameras around his neck, while Sue, his wife of more than 20 years, will carry another. It’s a dual perspective on the biggest day of your life.

Sue brings a feminine focus to the detail that makes your day: the home-made invitations, the elaborate favours, the beaded lace in your dress and the pleat in your shoes. Her shutter falls on tears and laughter, on small children, big hats and beaming smiles.

At home in the theatre or deep in a romantic novel, Sue sees your wedding as the ultimate love story. Where did you meet? What did you wear? Where did he propose?

You won’t notice Julian and Sue at your wedding. They’ll dress and act like guests. They’ll mingle and chat. They’ll nibble. They might even sip some wine. She’ll cry at the speeches; he’ll laugh fondly at her. In between, they’ll be hard at work, capturing moments like there’s no tomorrow.

This is storybook photography at its best. Both Julian and Sue are proud members of the prestigious Master Photographers Association (MPA) they seals each moment with a genuine love for there work. Then, when the flowers have faded and the confetti’s swept away, Julian and Sue will offer you a seat in their viewing room and a choice of beautiful albums, as they head towards the fresh coffee.

You won’t have to wait too long. They’ll be with you in a moment.

Jules & Sue

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Our Wedding Cameras and why they are so important!


Many photographers often go on about there camera equipment and how it’s the best out there, you also often hear others saying  “its not about the camera its about the person behind it”  well for me its always been about my art and my eye and my skill as a photographer with people but just as important its about my camera equipment which I do believe to be the best in the world. Here is why.

Could you try to take great wedding photo with a £400 startup DSLR and the kit lens? Yes you could, should you, definitely not! However, any digital SLR body combined with a decent lens is a good starting point for taking great photographs, but not to cover  weddings.  There is a huge difference between start up D-SLR’s and the so called mid range D-SLR’s and the correct tool for the job the Professional D-SLR’s.

We choose to use only Pro cameras, Nikon pro cameras in fact,  although there are other manufacturers namely Canon but Sue and I prefer the Nikons and the service we get from Nikon Professional Service (NPS)

We use a combination of D800’s and the flagship D4’s and the D3s cameras they are a total uncompromised choice,  they have Comprehensive state-of-the-art dust and moisture countermeasures and electromagnetic interference: With a rugged, durable and precise magnesium-alloy chassis and body, the D3 goes beyond other D-SLR’s to protect against invasive moisture, dust and even electromagnetic interference. A comprehensive series of O-rings and other specialized seals, combined with additional engineering, keeps us shooting when lesser cameras would fail.

Our cameras duplicate every photograph that we take onto separate compact flash cards, we only use professional compact flash cards from Sandisk and Lexar.

When you are responsible for photographing something as important as a wedding day, there is no excuse for not having the right tool.

Although these cameras are expensive at between £5000 and £6000 each they are extremely reliable in all weather  which simply put is why they are the best wedding cameras in the world and the choice for Julian Porter Photography


Our Wedding Lenses.

All of our lenses are fast and have at least an aperture of f/2.8 or larger  some as large as f/1.4 and they are extremely valuable for weddings. The option to use available light, even in dark churches or dimly lit reception halls, is an important tool for the wedding photographer.

Furthermore, some locations have restrictions on flash photography during the ceremony itself, or a bride might specifically request that a flash not be used. The extra two stops of shutter speed between a f/2.8 lens and a cheaper f/4-5.6 kit lens can make the difference in getting the photo or not!

There are 2 main types of lenses, Zoom and Prime; we use a mixture of both to obtain our distinctive style.

You can buy very fast lenses just like we use or slower and much cheaper lenses such as the kit lenses, most of these start at F4 or F5.6,  basic opinion is the faster the lens the better as you can always slow it down, you simply cannot speed up a slow lens.

For those of you interested here is our current wedding equipment list.

2  x Nikon D4

1  x Nikon D3s  (used for backup)

1 x Nikon D800

4 x Nikon SB900 professional flashguns

1 x Nikon 50mm f1.4  lens

1 x Nikon 35mm f2 lens

1 x Nikon 105mm f2.8 VR Lens  (vibration reduction)

2 x Nikon 70-200mm  mkll f2.8 VR Lens  (vibration reduction)

1 x Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens

1 x Nikon 16mm fisheye f2.8

Various accessories and filters and extenders as well as a complete backup kit  or camera and lenses in case one of ours needs servicing.

Our thoughts.

Although equipment is not the “be all and end all” of wedding photography, reliability clearly is, and teamed up with a great photographer this ensures fantastic results which is what we strive for at every wedding that we photograph. I like to think that we use the very best equipment available as well as a new car which is serviced regularly all to ensure that we turn up on time with the working tools for our job.

I am not suggesting for a moment that those professional photographers out there using lesser equipment will not do a great job, all going well they will, but for me if I am doing something I want to do it right, I always liken using a lesser camera for a wedding to driving an old car, one day it will go wrong ! I would not send my kid off to school in a car with no seat belts.  Would you?

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy your wedding day folks.

Jules and Sue



Our friends.


Here are a few people that we are proud to work with and that we feel have made a huge difference to the weddings. We do have a links page on our main wedding site but these people on this page really are our friends.  Please check them out and if you like what you see, who knows we may see them at your wedding.


Kirsty McCall   Makeup Artist 

Kirsty’s work is amazing and we have worked with her several time, check out her amazing work.



Danielle Merrick    Wedding Singer and Soul Diva

Words cannot express how we feel about Danielle and her work, she is absolutely amazing at what she does and is a very nice person.




Natalie Gardener   Florist

By only stocking the best grades available, Flowers By Design will provide you with excellent flowers all year round. Natalie and her team aim to provide the best floral service for you and that is only achievable by giving you quality time and time again.





Michelle Jeffrey   Make Up Artist


Although Sue and I work with lots of great Make up artists we have known and worked with Michelle for many years, Opulence was created to offer a high quality, professional and friendly make up service. As I am mobile, I’m able to come to your home or venue so you can relax and enjoy your experience.

Opulence, think of it as the essential finishing touch to your special day…..




Shay Harris    Dress Designer

After spending many years specialising in made to measure one off designs Shay began to develop her own collection of wedding gowns.  These gowns are fully adaptable in terms of colour, fabric and detail.  Several can be adapted to special occasion gowns in sumptious velvets and silks.  Shay is always on hand to discuss dress design.

Since moving to the new shop Shay has also introduced gowns from some of the best designers in the UK  today, such as Jenny Packham and Kate Sherford.  Also the fabulous gowns from Cymbeline.  There is also a wide range of Bridesmaids dresses in many colours and styles.




Abbie and Tyrone     Ice Cream Bike

Fancy something fun and different at your wedding ?




First Choice wedidng cars:   Website

A beautiful collection of cars.




Amazing wedding cakes by  The MaeFarie Cake Collection







Awesome wedding photographer



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