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One-2-One workshop at marwell with pat

Earlier this week we ran one of our One-2-One workshops up at Marwell for Pat who had recently purchased her first proper camera and also has a very special birthed coming up so hear lovely family purchased her one of our workshop days.  We know Pat’s daughter Anna so it was all very lovely when we met Pat.  We started our day at the studio going over camera settings which is an important part of the day because it means when we got to Marwell with Pat we were able to get straight into the photography well after a spot of lunch of course 🙂

Once we arrived we had lunch in the Graze cafe and then headed off in the opposite direction around the park which we always do because we start our photography with the Owl’s who are quite difficult to photograph because they are in very dark cages and we have to make the wire disappear and we are shooting into the light but all great challenges after the mornings talks.  We then follow the park round and photograph whatever animals are about, thankfully there were lots today.

Pat took some lovely photos with her Canon Rebel and 70-300 is lens and we all had a lovely day.

Please check out our workshop website below as well as the workshops we offer, Every photo taken on our workshop website was taken by our clients. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here 02380 767084   julianporter@mac.com    or txt  07720325336

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Published again, we are both very proud

A few weeks back we were contacted by digital photographer magazine who wanted to publish an article about JpWorkshops and our One-2-One training days and needless to say we were very excited,  Apparently the buzz had got back to one of their reporters who came along with a photographer to follow us through one of our One-2-One workshops on Portraiture,  They contacted Matt Hardy from Mathew hardy photography who is already a photographer and avid reader of Digital Photographer Magazine and Matt kindly agreed to allowing them to follow his day with us. Matt has already completed a JpWorkshops One-2-One when he started his photography business and wanted to get into Studio photography on a more serious basis so chose our very popular Portrait One-2-One workshop. 

The Portrait workshop is a full action packed day starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm and will give you the perfect start to setting up your portrait studio or home visit service, Sue & I will show you how we create beautiful high key portraits either in our studio or on location at your clients houses using our portable studio which fits neatly into almost any car, we have a mini cooper and its fits a treat.

You will come away with a first hand experience on lighting for high key as well as low key if required, we will teach you about posing and having fun with your clients and most importantly we will show you how to creatively edit your portraits to produce beautiful photos just like we do, photos that sell very well.

Your day will include: The morning will be a brief introduction to lighting and location before our first model arrives, Our model will work with you (guided by us) for around 90 minutes at which point we will move onto editing and questions.

We will then break for lunch which we will supply. The afternoon will start with creative ideas for  marketing portraits before our second model arrives, she will stay with us for a couple of hours and will change cloths a couple of times. We will them move back to editing and processing so that you come away with a beautiful set of images that you took and we edited. You can use the photographs taken with both models to start your portfolio which will be a fantastic head start. you will also receive our ” Portrait actions” for photoshop.

Our courses are a little different than most professional courses on offer, you get training from 2 fully qualified and very popular photographers, Julian Porter LMPA and Sue Porter LMPA and we supply a range of models to suit your request’s where possible, these are always clients of ours and not models, It has to be said that any photographer worth mentioning can make a model look amazing on a bad day 🙂 but with a “regular” person you have to work at it and we want our clients to work at it and not think everybody poses like a model and is easy to shoot,  models are amazing to work with but they make our life too easy, clients demand amazing photos and thats what keeps us striving for better all of the time. We want our JpWorkshop clients to leave feeling the same.

For Matt’s day we used the lovely Kayleigh,  she is our daughter 🙂 and manages a Costa Coffee shop for a living so with her long shifts we rarely get to photograph her but luckily she was free so Matt got a lovely client to photograph and Sue and I got some amazing photos of our daughter, thanks Matt 🙂

We offer a huge range of workshops from an evening taster to see if you like our style or if you just want to brush up on settings through to a full 2 day intense business and portrait workshop. All of our workshops are bespoke and we can set a plan to suit your needs and concentrate on what you need rather than what we think you need and details can all be found on our website hampshire photography training by Julian Porter

Matt’s course details

Digital photographer magazine

Our website

Matt’s workshop was fee £520.00 and this course is aimed at professional photographers looking to photograph in a studio or photographers wanting to start up in business and can be tailored accordingly.

**Please note we do use professional models for our Ecole Boudoir workshops due to the nature of the work**

Sue and I would personally like to thank some of our other victim’s oop’s I mean models who have helped us with our workshops over the past couple of years.

Richard and Kate with Lani and Elsie. – Clare Wall with Molly and Ella. – Gemma McGlashan. – Rachel Northover. – Hollie Palmer. – Kayleigh Porter. – Katy and Scott with Millicent, Marta and Marius. – Amy Ann. – Kathryn Booy. – Nikki Stead with Illan.


To see Photos from recent weddings click here

See more amazing photography from an Awesome photographer now or Contact Jules and Sue now to secure your date!

Please read this  15 reasons why you should book us to photograph your wedding

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