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macro workshop with Veronica

Today we had our second “getting to know your camera” workshop of this week with Veronica who we met at a corporate shoot earlier this month and she was very keen to learn more about closeup and macro photography which is quite a specialised subject but can be very rewarding so after a few emails and chats we decided the best place for her day was the New Forest Wildlife Park and Butterfly  enclosure.

We started our day as we normally do with a couple of hours in the studio to go over all the camera settings needed which today would be mostly aperture priority because it was important for us to loose the background in our photos as well as to control the depth of field.  We went over the settings and we setup Veronica’s D600 Nikon camera and she borrowed our 100mm Nikon 2.8 macro lens which is an idea lens and would give Veronica a great idea if she loved it enough to buy it.

We then headed off to the New Forest Wildlife Park and started with lunch and a coffee 🙂 always important !  then we started in the Butterfly house and using a monopod (single leg tripod) we got to work photographing some beautiful butterflies for a couple of hours. There were hundreds flying around and with so many to choose from Veronica was quite excited.

We then headed out site to photograph the mice which were cute and then a few of the bigger animals which were ideal to show Veronica how to photograph through cages without them showing in the photos.  All of these photos were shot though wire or thick glass except the butterflies.

Macro photography:   Equipment needed.  SLR with macro lens or a good quality bridge camera with macro feature plus a tripod or monopod.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV mode very well.

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