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Camera upgrade and what it will mean for our lovely clients


Morning all

When Sue and I have wedding consults one of the common questions and quite rightly so is what equipment do you use. Its refreshing that couples are starting to understand  the difference between a £400 camera and kit lens combo  and a £7,000 camera and pro lens combo so we thought we would let you all know about our latest news. As part of our ongoing commitment to producing amazing photographs in all conditions we have just complete upgrading all of our cameras, we have once again gone for Nikon state of the art cameras including 2 of the Flagship Nikon D4’s which simply put is a game changer and the smaller D800 for Sue, these will replace our D3s and D3X and D7oo cameras we have used for the past 2 years.  This past 12 months we have also added to our Nikon lenses so we are very confident in our equipment even shooting in blizzard conditions which to be fair seems to be common place this year!

One key reason for choosing Nikon is because they look after Julian Porter Photography, we have a contact in Richmond who bends over backwards to keep us happy “thanks Rob”  and they never fail to come across whether its servicing or sourcing new cameras or lenses.

The D800 which is Sue’s camera now comes with Quiet mode or church mode as we call it and this will be great during our quiet candlelit services which is important to us and well as now continually backing up to 2 cards which again is important for weddings and the like.  The D800 has an amazing 36.3 megapixel FX-format (full-frame) CMOS sensor with high signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range and 12-channel readout which in short will help us to continue to create amazing photographs safely, quietly and securely.

The D4 is a real game changer and thanks to a whole host of features as well as the 16.2 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor that allows up to 11 fps, the fastest ever on a Nikon DSLR. The EXPEED 3 image processing engine assists in recording images at phenomenally high ISO (up to 204,800) which simply put means we can shoot even in the darkest of churches without flash which keeps us discreet, the vicar happy and the photographs atmospheric all of which we love 🙂   The D4’s also shoot to 2 cards which again continually backs up your precious photographs.

Along with faster cards and new flashguns we are fully kitted up for the next year or so and can’t wait to get out shooting with them, We also can’t wait to give you some more VERY EXCITING news that we have just had, can’t say too much yet but soon.

Although I very much appreciate that photography is not all about equipment, in fact I often use the phrase “owning a Nikon makes you a Nikon owner not a photographer”  To be a great social (weddings and portraits) photographer you need to be, Creative, artistic, professional, personable, talented, confident, fun, relaxed and fun,  did I mention fun but along with these attributes one thing we pride ourselves in is our professional equipment, whether its our Nikon cameras that’s are all weatherproof and dust proof which means we can work through all weathers to photograph our amazing weddings or our Apple computers and state of the art backup facilities here at the studio, either way we feel that you deserve the very best equipment available and that starts with our amazing Nikon Cameras, of course this comes at a price,  our cameras cost about the same as a small family car but they are the very best in the world and we think you deserve that.

If any of you are interested in cameras why not message me and who knows you might be able to pop in for a play 🙂


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