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Hampshire wedding photographer – Jules and Luke get married at Highfield Park Hook

On Friday we joined Julia (Jules) and Luke for our first wedding of this weekend and one of our most anticipated of the year, Since first meeting Jules and Luke we hit it off and have met a few times since chatting about the wedding and taking photos etc, Oh and eating cake 🙂 so we were both super excited  about their wedding and I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint !

We started our day with Jules at her Mums house for some lovely relaxed photos and getting to know everyone, the couple of hours there flew by and we were soon heading off to the bar to meet with Luke and the boys,  We met an excited Luke and had a few minutes grabbing some relaxed shots and some lovely details before everyone headed into church and the absolutely stunning Jules arrived,  I think the whole congregation were as stunned as I was 🙂 .  The vicar Mary greeted me with ” hello Jules I am Mary, I am very laid back just dont shove me out of the way and we will get on fine” Guess what, we got on just fine 🙂  after a beautiful ceremony we headed outside into the unexpected sun and took a few family photos at the church before Jules and Luke headed off for a drive and we all walked the few steps to Highfield Park with the rest of the guests,  We then had an hour os so in the grounds for a few more family group shots and some portraits and of course details of the room as well as a few people with teh AFC Wimbledon scarf, Luke was involved with them until recently and is a true supporter.

We then all headed into a lovely chicken dinner and then some very emotional speeches, Yes Sue cried !!!  3 times in fact but there were 2 distinct  highlights during the speeches, 1 was Luke giving Jules “dont for wives published in 1919”  just brilliant mate 🙂   and the second was when somebody told 92 year old Grandad to SHHHH and he looked up and said “bugger off” hahahahaha

after the speeches we all headed back to the bar to chill out and a few more fun photos including a few on the stairs and with the girls outside al of which made for a fun and very memorable wedding day,  Whilst we were waiting for the first dance we set up our Funtime Foto booth ready for an evening of fun.

We then met Leroy the Dj who was not only a magnificent Dj but a true inspiration,  Those of you that know about my personal journey with my weight and fitness just have to read this   Needless to say the first dance was amazing and afterwards we mooved onto the Funtime Fotos which you can read about soon here !

Thanks to everyone for looking after us both from early on right through to the bacon rolls but mostly thank you to Jules and Luke for reminding me once again just why I love my job and why I am the luckiest man alive,  Bless you both X

Jules and Sue xx

First a few of my favorites then a slideshow but then remember to check out the funtime fotos from the evening here




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