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Singing in the Rain – Hampshire wedding photography by Julian Porter

A week ago I got a message from a girl asking me if by any luck we were free to shoot her wedding on the 25th August because her photographer had let her down at the last minute, well without going into the details and although we have reached our target for this year we happily said yes.  And I am so pleased that we did,  our gain was DEFINITELY the other photographers loss…….  Julian Porter Photography to the rescue hehe.  We often get calls for last minute weddings and we often book them and have great success so if you have a wedding and you want amazing photos like this then please call us on 02380 767084 !

I often go on about how amazing a wedding was and how lucky we are to do the job that we both adore blah blah blah 🙂  but here I go again haha…  We started our day yesterday with Caroline at Mums home near Romsey and 5 minutes after arriving the thunder and lightning was very apparent, although everyone was hopeful of a better afternoon Caroline (our lovely bride) was literally singing and enjoying the morning, as the day went on we shot some lovely preps whilst getting to know Caroline and the Bridesmaids Shaz and Jen 🙂  and Mum and Dad all of whom were lovely before we headed off to the amazing sir harold hillier gardens in Romsey where the ceremony was to take place to meet Rob our Groom and Simon the best man for a few lovely relaxed shots around the winter Garden, Rob works for sir harold hillier gardens although not at this location as did Caroline so this was a very important place to them.

Soon everyone was whisked into the ceremony room and Caroline arrived in time for a few family shots before heading into a waiting crowd for the most amazing intimate ceremony in a beautiful room surrounded by the most amazing trees, afterwards we were invited outside with our brollies for a few guest shots and to walk the half mile or so to Jermyn House where the drinks reception was held,  we all walked in the rain and the only thing you could hear was the clatter of brollies hitting the overlying trees and laughter 🙂  it was such a wonderful walk,  As a side note, another reason we at Julian Porter Photography uses professional cameras is the ability to shoot in all weathers, my D4’s were literally dripping wet all day yesterday but all good as you can see here!  and here!  On arriving we were greeted with copious amounts of champagne and canapés and although it was still raining we headed outside during the drier parts for the family groups which were a lot of fun,  in-between this Caroline could be seen dancing in her flip flops in the rain to the amazing band on the lawns, I tell you NOTHING could dampen Caroline’s spirit and nothing was going to ruin her day, the rain got heavier so  she kicked off her flip flops and danced some more !

After a couple of hours we all walked back from Jermyn House but whilst Sue and I walked with Caroline and Rob and took a few lovely photos along the way, everyone else had a treasure hunt, Genius idea 🙂  it told the guests after a series of clues where they were sitting for dinner.

After dinner we were entertained by Carolines’s Dad Peter, Rob and Simon with the speeches and then coffee and cake,  by this time it was 9:45pm and we still had not danced,  well apart from Caroline of course 🙂  we then had the first Dance and then lots of fun and excitement on the dance floor,  then and typically Caroline as I went to say goodbye she said, wait Jules I just want a couple of photos,  and together we ran around the room and Caroline danced with every single guest whilst I grabbed the photos, from Grandad to the flower girl,  I have not laughed so much in years.

I called this blog post “Singing in the Rain”  Caroline could be seen singing and dancing in the rain not only during the drinks reception but also the family photos, in-between courses and after dinner. Caroline I am sure you know this but you brighten up this world with your enthusiasm and I thank you so much for brightening our day.

We had so much fun on Saturday and there really was lots more going on than I could post here but the main thing was Caroline and Rob embraced their day and ignored the weather, well done guys you are in for a lifetime of love, laughter and of course singing in the rain.

We loved it…………………………



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