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Hampshire wedding photographer – James and Annette get married

On Saturday we had a bright and early start when we joined James and Annette for there lovely wedding in Michelmersh Church Romsey and then the ever popular Bartley Lodge hotel in Lyndhurst.   We started our day at home in Romsey with a very smily and bubbly Annette for  a few relaxed preparation photos, lots of getting ready and detail shots which we both love shooting and our clients love too, its the best start to a wedding day because it helps Sue and I get creative for the day 🙂  so much fun with the girls and all the lovely details.

We then headed off to the delightful and charming Michelmersh Church where we photographed a few guests and James and the lads as they arrived, it was an amazing day and everyone was just beaming because of the late summer sunshine, we met the Vicar who basically said do whatever you like 🙂 music to my ears and then Annette arrived in a beautiful white Range Rover looking beautiful and still smiling, did I mention Annette had a beautiful smile and smiled constantly 🙂  we took a few outside the church of Annette and her brother Simeon who also gave her away and then we wandered into the church which was filled with anticipation and a very excited crowd,  as Annette walked down the isle there was silence broken only by the occasional gasp or shutter click (not mine 🙂 the D4’s are silent)  and soon Annette and James were together, what followed was an hour of love, laughter and togetherness, it really was a great service talking about couples and love and not all about God.  After the ceremony we headed outside and spent 30 minutes photographing the hugs and kisses as well as a few family groups and some lovely portraits up the lanes before heading back to Bartley Lodge.

On arrival we were greeted as always by Chris Garrett who runs the weddings to chat through the next couple of hours and then it was out onto the lawns for drinkies and more photos,  this is a lovely time for us because we get to photograph the parents and bridesmaids with there partners and best men etc, we really do get to know everybody well and its so much fun, James and Annette were wandering around socialising with everyone and having a blast right up until they were called in for the wedding breakfast,  but before that we had the speeches,  5 in total and all fun but James gave what was my best groom’s speech in years, he had the whole room in fits of laughter and involved everyone 🙂  brilliant.

Well after the speeches Sue and I finished what had been a day filled with so much laughter love and smiles, this is what makes our job such a joy !

Thanks to everyone for a great wedding and James and Annette thanks for being so much fun from the day we met right up until we said our goodbye’s yesterday.  TOP wedding 🙂


p.s  look out for our new sample album at the Bartley Lodge hotel soon 🙂


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