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London wedding photographer – Steph and Luke get married at Coltsford mill

On Saturday Sue and I joined Luke and Step for their lovely wedding at Coltsford Mill in Croydon on what turned out to be out hottest day yet so as you would expect there were lots of happy and smiley people there !

Sue and I headed up to Croydon on Friday night which is something we often do with our location weddings,  its a great way to chill out pre-wedding rather than sitting in traffic on the M25 🙂  we stayed in a Premier Inn which always look after us and we always feel great the next morning.  So bright and early (after a fab breakfast) Sue and I headed off to Mums house in Purley to see Steph and to meet her lovely and very hospitable family, after a few minutes we felt like one of the crowd and just knew it was going to be a fab wedding.   The 4 big bridesmaids really looked after us as did Mum and Dad so thanks guys you were all fab,  we spent a couple hours with Steph ending with some family shots on the new decking before we headed off to Purley to the local church where we were greeted by Canon Frank and the amazing words of  “do what you like Jules”  🙂  we then met Luke and the boys and his lovely parents and got on with some guest shots before the cars arrived filled with the amazing bridesmaids and our stunning bride.

We walked into the beautiful church filled with 140 or so eager people and after an amazing Catholic service and the most amazing choir 90 minutes later walked out into the beautiful sunshine for a few family shots at the church and relaxed guest shots before heading off in somewhat of a weird direction to Coltsford Mill 🙂  We eventually arrived after apparently the driver took a few wrong turns LOL  and took Luke and Steph into the gardens along with Fi Steph’s hairdresser to look after Steph’s hair during our shoot,  I think we all need a personal hairdresser like Fi 🙂  we took some amazing portraits in the grounds but sadly were tight for time so had to shoot back to the guests for some lovely family groups and details before being whisked into dinner.  After the most amazing food YUM YUM YUM YUM yeah you can see we enjoyed it 🙂 we had 3, well 4 speeches the usual 3 very entertaining speeches and an extra “why did the chicken cross the road” speech by our very confident 5 year old pageboy Sam 🙂  Sam ROCKED this wedding !

after our speeches we were for one reason or another running over an hour late so it was dark so we missed our evening portraits 🙁  but we did thanks to, well I dont really know who to blame 🙂  get to do our group shot outside, yes 160 or so people outside in the dark hahaha but it turned out well and I know Steph and Luke will love it even more because of the fun involved,

All in all we had another amazing wedding and I would like to thanks Luke and Steph’s family and friends so much for the constant fun and compliments, we really appreciate it guys, Sophie  (Steph’s sister and chief bridesmaid) for recommending us to Steph and Luke as well as the rest of the bridal party for being so much fun and help, Sam well just for being Sam 🙂

Mostly to Steph and Luke,  you guys were amazing, you made great choices for your wedding day and you enjoyed every minute of it, I take my hat off to you, you know how to party !   well done guys you made a lot of people VERY HAPPY on Saturday 8th September,  much love XXX


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