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Photography workshop with Aaron @ Marwell

Today we had the long awaited workshop with our good friend and client Aaron and it could not have gone better, the weather was fab and most of the animals at marwell played ball.

Aaron’s partner Ann-marie called me a month or so ago and told me that she had brought Aaron a lovely Nikon D3200 for his 30th birthday earlier this week and that she also wanted a workshop voucher from us so we were really chuffed knowing that we were going to spend the day with Aaron who is actually my cousins son so family :-D.  We have photographed Aaron and Anne-marie and their beautiful girls lots of times so we all get on fantastically and there eldest child Gemma is deaf blind so I have an enormous amount of respect for them both they really are the most dedicated parents I know and would put most of us to shame.

We started our day here at the studio going over basic camera controls as well as explaining how a camera works and more importantly how to control your camera rather than letting your camera control you, this means that its very much you taking the photos rather than a point and shoot camera.  We then headed up to marwell and after a coffee and a sarnie we started with the Owls explaining the importance of aperture control to not only pinpoint the important parts of a photo but loosing things like wire cages and dirty glass,  nearly all of todays photos were taken through thick wire cages or glass but with the right tuition these things tare not a problem.

We them moved around the park photographing most of the animals we saw and here are a selection of those from today.  We also stopped at the motorway (not literally) and took some great photos to show the importance of choosing the correct shutter speed but more on that below.

Apart from the first 3 these were all taken by Aaron,  I was playing with Sue’s macro lens and captured the Bee whilst she was guiding Aaron and the Tiger was a lucky snap whilst Aaron was changing lenses, sadly the tiger walked away but hey ho thats marwell.

Aaron picked things up really well this morning which was just brilliant, although as family I expected nothing less 🙂  we all had a fab day and I look forward to watching Aaron develop (pun intended) into an amazing photographer.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV mode very well.

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These last couple were taken by Aaron to show the importance of selecting the correct shutter speed when shooting in Shutter priority to obtain the desired look,   the second  photo shot at  2000/sec makes the traffic look still and boring despite its speed,   the first shot at 125/sec makes for a much more interesting photo because the subject (silver pickup) is perfectly focused yet the whole area inc the wheels has superb motion blur.

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