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Robert’s One-2-One Marwell adventure

Yesterday we ran one of our very popular One-2-One marwell photography workshops with one of our grooms from last year Robert.  We had met Robert a few years earlier when he was best man at Terry and Sarah’s wedding so by the time yesterday came around we knew each other very well and as I expected we had a real fun day starting as always with a couple of hours join over the camera basics in the studio. Robert has a Canon 650D and 1 zoom lens which is pretty typical of our workshop clients who genially arrive with either a bridge camera or an SLR with a single lens, either way its a great way to start using your camera properly and to get the most out of it.

We then headed off to Marwell and had a really good walk around concentrating on as many animals as we could and although the big cats would not play ball yesterday most of the other animals did so we got a great selection through the day.

We then headed back to the studio where we had a look through Robert’s photos.  Roberts did not want to get into any editing so after a chat we said our goodbye’s and Sue and I got to editing.

Robert wanted to understand using his camera in AV mode and also TV (S) mode which we covered as well as using his external flash, he later contacted us to say that he had a great day which we love to hear from our clients and we cant wait to see his photos from the next few weeks.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV and TV (S) mode very well.  The last few were shot in TV (shutter priority) mode to show how we can both speed up and slow down things by using various techniques all of which Robert picked up very well.

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