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Training day with Sharon

Last week we took Sharon to Marwell for a follow-up workshop and had a great afternoon helping her to get to grips with her new Canon Camera. We did our usual walk around and photographed a great selection of animals including the Tigers and cubs.

The main focus of this was to teach Sharon how to use her apertures correctly, in this case, to enable her to photograph through very thick dirty glass and through cages using just her camera settings.  Check out the last photo to see this.

Sharon has lots of plans with her photography and if you want to follow suit then get in touch with us, we offer courses and workshops covering most styles and types of photography.

We are currently running a very special offer with our Marwell workshops.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV and S mode very well and also the various focus and metering modes all of which are interesting to learn about and will take your photography to a new level.

Please contact us if you are looking for a photography workshop of any-kind 02380 767084   julianporter@mac.com    or txt  07720325336

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Check our full Hampshire photo workshop educational course

The next image shows the difference between controlling your camera, and the camera having control. Which would you rather see and shoot?


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